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The R-Balls website contains datasets on cultural heritage resources with a focus on a specific RDA Person, RDA Work, or other entity.

An r-ball can be a:

  • RIMMF ball: Data about a set of related entities, using local RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats) syntax.
  • RDA ball: Data about a set of related entities, consistent with RDA.
  • RDF ball: Data about a set of related entities using Resource Description Framework (RDF) syntax.
  • Resource ball: Metadata for a set of related information resources.
  • Record ball: Metadata for a single information resource.

More about:

RDA record

The boundaries of an RDA "record" may be quantified by the number of RDA entities it identifies. The RDA entities are Work, Expression, Manifestation, Item, Person, Family, and Corporate Body.

A "core" requirement is one Manifestation and its high-level related Work and/or two Expressions.

In practice, most applications require additional data for Agent (Person, Family, or Corporate Body) entities that have primary responsibility relationships, and any other entities that have sequential, whole/part, and other relationships, with the core Manifestation, Expressions, and Work.

For more information see the presentations given at the What is an RDA "record" forum, 29 Jun 2014:


See Links for further information about the concepts and context of r-balls.