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An RDF-ball is data about a set of related entities using Resource Description Framework (RDF) syntax.

An RDF-ball is a type of named graph. It can be a Concise Bounded Description

The work of the W3C RDF Data Shapes Working Group and the DCMI RDF Application Profiles Task Group (RDF-AP) may be relevant to defining types of RDF-ball.

How to use an RDF-ball

An RDF-ball is in n-triples (nt) format and can be loaded into any triple store or RDF application.

RDF graphs for small r-balls

An RDF graph can be generated from a small RDF-ball using free online services:

  1. Change the syntax of the RDF-ball from n-triples to RDF/XML using RDF Translator.
  2. Use the RDF/XML file to generate the RDF graph as a PNG file using the W3C RDF Validation Service

This method only works for small RDF-balls.

For example, the RDF-ball of Jane Austen's Emma is used to generate the RDF graph of the ur-ball.