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Ur-ball for Jane Austen's Emma

Topic: Jane Austen

Number of entities: 4

The focus of this r-ball is the novel by Jane Austen with the title "Emma", published in 1816 in London by John Murray. The John Murray Archive contains letters from Austen to Murray dated 23 November 1815 and 11 December 1815 about the publication and its dedication to the Prince Regent.

Title page of first edition of Jane Austen's Emma

The ur-ball contains four entities:

  • the Person named "Jane Austen"
  • the Work titled "Emma"
  • the Expression of the English text
  • the Manifestation published in 1816

This r-ball is also contained in the Jane Austen base r-ball.

RDF graph

This is part of the RDF graph of the ur-ball of Jane Austen's Emma generated using the RDF graphs for small r-balls method.

RDF graph of ur-ball of Jane Austen's Emma


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