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A RIMMF-ball is data about a set of related entities, using local RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats) syntax.

How to use a RIMMF-ball

A RIMMF-ball can only be opened using RIMMF:

  1. Download RIMMF3.
  2. Start RIMMF3.
    • If downloaded previously, select Help > Check for updates and download latest version.
  3. Select Tools > Download web folder.
    • Enter URL: [URL or link location of RIMMF-ball].
    • or Drag and drop a RIMMF-ball zip file onto the input form.
  4. Choose to Add MARC source records during import if you want to compare the RIMMF data with its source MARC21 records.
  5. Change to the "imports" data folder when prompted.
  6. The data folder is downloaded and unzipped and can be found in \Documents\RIMMF3\imports\zip\.
    • If you download a RIMMF-ball data folder with the same name again, the newly downloaded folder will replace the previous version, unless you have either renamed the previous folder, or moved it from the "imports" folder.
    • Follow the Change data folder instructions in the User Guide if you want to return to the folder at a later time.
  7. Use RIMMF3 to view and edit the RDA entities and their data.