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RIMMF-balls for newbies

A RIMMF-ball is data about a set of related entities, using local RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats) syntax.

Let's roll a RIMMF-ball

  1. Download RIMMF3 if you haven't done so. Your computer must be able to run Windows programs.
  2. Double-click on the RIMMF3 icon RIMMF3 logoto start.
  3. On the menu select Tools > Download web folder
  4. In the URL box,:.
    • either enter the URL for the r-ball
    • or download the r-ball to your computer and drag and drop the r-ball file onto the box
  5. Click the Fetch button.
  6. Click the Yes button (to Add MARC source records during import) and then the Yes button (to change to the data folder) and then the Yes button (when the data records have been added).
  7. The Entity Index should be displayed. Select an entity and click the Open in R-tree button.
  8. Follow your nose.
  9. Read more documentation for more information: