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The Beat Goes on-athon

The Beat Goes on-athon took place on 22 Feb 2017 as a workshop at the Music Library Association 2017 annual meeting in Orlando, Florida, USA.

Kathy Glennan, ALA Representative to the RDA Steering Committee, served as the instructor/facilitator.

The pre-conference was co-sponsored by the MLA Cataloging and Metadata Committee, the MLA Education Committee, the MLA Educational Outreach Subcommittee and the Music OCLC Users Group.


Participants will work in pairs, using RIMMF (RDA in Many Metadata Formats) to create music-related RDA compliant records that can be output as linked data. Attendees will choose among a small selection of composers and musicians encompassing various styles of music, such as: contemporary classical music, popular music, and jazz. They will work with multiple content types and formats, including scores, audio recordings, and video recordings. The workshop will enable participants to explore questions around the RDA instructions relating to composers and performers, and the nature of aggregates and compilations.


The combined curated data from the Beat Goes on-athon, removing duplicates, errors, and data with unresolved issues, is available in the Beat Goes on-athon (curated) r-ball.


Participants were expected to experiment with RIMMF beforehand. To support attendees, a webinar RIMMF training session was held on 9 February 2017.


The Beat Goes On-Athon: This presentation by Kathy Glennan covers introduction and preparation on the day, and preliminary analysis of the RIMMF data created during the workshop.

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Photograph of Beat Goes On A-thon

Listen up!

Photograph of Beat Goes On A-thon

Having fun

Photograph of Beat Goes On A-thon

So that's what an expression looks like ...

Photograph of Beat Goes On A-thon

... or is it a compilation?

Photograph of Beat Goes On A-thon

The beat goes on.