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London Ag-athon

The first Ag-athon took place on 22 May 2015 at University College London, London, England.

The aim was to build upon the Agatha Christie base r-ball.


The combined curated data from the London Ag-athon, removing duplicates, errors, and data with unresolved issues, is available in the Ag-athon 1 (curated) r-ball.


  • 14:30 Welcome, introductions, and RIMMF refresher
  • 14:50 The London Ag-athon
  • 16:20 Feedback and discussion (can include general JSC/RDA issues)
  • 17:00 End


  • the single works (no compilations—so no short story or poem collections or multiple novels in a single volume)
  • of the Person known alternately as Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller, Agatha Christie, Mary Westmacott, and Agatha Christie Mallowan
  • in single or multiple expressions (e.g., editions, languages, with illustrations or without, with notes or reader’s guides or without, etc.)
  • Carried:
    • in unmediated volumes
    • in audio discs, cassettes, or online
    • in computer discs, or online resources

Announcements, blogs, etc.