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The first Lang-athon took place on 23 June 2016 at Rosen College of Hospitality Management – Disney Dining Room, Orlando, Florida, USA.

The aim was to investigate basic multi-lingual aspects of RDA and RIMMF, including:

  • Translations of RDA elements and controlled terms.
  • Parallel language data.
  • Language preferred by the agency.

The Lang-athon base r-ball was used to illustrate the issues. Participants added to the r-ball to demonstrate potential solutions.

The event is hosted by TBLC (Tampa Bay Library Consortium).

Special topics

Some of the following topics will be the focus of one or more collaborative teams/tables during the RIMMFing session on the day. Each team will contain 4-6 members and have an expert leader, and/or access to a roving expert coach. RIMMF will be used to illustrate the issues discussed. Teams and individuals may focus on specific examples within the topics.

  • Authorized Access Point Qualifiers
  • Variant Access Points for Works and Expressions
  • Parallel Manifestation statements
  • Parallel Expressions
  • Translation of a new edition or new edition of a translation
  • Recording multilingual data

For more information about the topics and examples in the base r-ball, see Lang-athon Discussion Topics

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