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Gösta Adrian-Nilsson (2 April 1884 - 29 Mars 1965), usually referred to as GAN, was a Swedish artist and writer, regarded as a pioneer of the Swedish modernist art movement (Wikipedia).

The GAN base r-ball was created by Anneli Fredriksson and Helena Lindblom as part of the RDA – An Opportunity for Library and Archive Collaboration project.

The archives selected for this part of the project were those of GAN, from Lund in the south of Sweden, and Sara Lidman, from a village in the nothern part of the county of Västerbotten, about 200 km north of Umeå. These two archives were of interest because of the combination of archival and published materials.

GAN illustrated an article published in a journal, where the offprint can be found in his personal archive in Lund.

For further information, see RDA: exposing the archival secrets.


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