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Maurice Dance

The first Maurice Dance took place on 16 Oct 2015 at the National Library of New Zealand, Wellington, New Zealand.

The aim was to build upon the Maurice Gee base r-ball.


A report on the Maurice Dance compiled by Charlotte Christensen (National Library of New Zealand) includes the results of the feedback survey and a summary of the afternoon's discussions.


  • 2 Oct 2015 (9-11 am NZDT): RIMMF training webinar (31 attendees)


  • 08.30 Registration
  • 09.00 Introductions, outline of the day, and setup
  • 09.20 Brief review of RIMMF functionality
  • 09.45 RIMMF Maurice Gee resources
  • 12.30 Lunch
  • 13.30 RDA and Linked Data
  • 14.30 Results of combining r-balls
  • 15.00 Break
  • 15.15 Open discussion
  • 16.15 Next steps
  • 16.30 End


  • The works of Maurice Gee, and biographical and critical works about Maurice and his works
  • in single or multiple expressions (e.g., editions, languages, with illustrations or without, with notes or reader's guides or without, etc.)
  • Carried:
    • in unmediated volumes
    • in audio discs, cassettes, or online
    • in computer discs, or online resources

Announcements, blogs, etc.

Not to be confused with

This type of Maurice dance should not be confused with:


Photograph 1 taken at the first Maurice Dance

RIMMFing away

Photograph 5 taken at the first Maurice Dance

More RIMMFing

Photograph 4 taken at the first Maurice Dance


Photograph 11 taken at the first Maurice Dance

Discussing the finer points

Covers of books and other resources by and about Maurice Gee