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Second Jane-athon

The second Jane-athon, the Jane-in, took place on 26 June 2015 at ALA Annual in San Francisco, USA.

The aim was to build upon the curated r-ball from the first Jane-athon.



Core organizers

  • Gordon Dunsire (JSC)
  • James Hennelly (ALA Publishing)
  • Diane Hillmann (MMA)
  • Deborah Fritz (TMQ)
  • Richard Fritz (TMQ)
  • Jon Phipps (MMA)

The Coaches

  • Barbara Bushman (National Library of Medicine)
  • Kathy Glennan (JSC)
  • Ebe Kartus (JSC)
  • Bill Leonard (JSC)
  • Robert Maxwell (Brigham Young University)
  • Jean M. Pajerek (Cornell Law Library)
  • Thurstan Young (British Library)
  • Plus Deborah, Diane, and Gordon

The Team Leaders

  • Thomas Brenndorfer (Guelph Public Library)
  • Zora Breeding (Vanderbilt University)
  • Greta de Groat (Stanford University)
  • John Hostage (Harvard University)
  • Kelley McGrath (University of Oregon)
  • Melanie Polutta (Library of Congress)
  • Lori Robare (University of Oregon)
  • Adam Schiff (University of Washington)
  • Jen Talley (University of Michigan)
  • Christine Todd (National Library of New Zealand)
  • Susan Wynne (Georgia State University)

The Helpers

  • Judy Kuhagen (JSC)
  • Melissa Wood (ALA Publishing)

Survey results

An online survey of participants was carried out shortly after the Jane-In. Results are given in the Participant Evaluation of Jane-In, Annual 2015.

Announcements, blogs, etc.

Poster for the Jane-in, the second Jane-athon