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Jane-athon 1 (curated)

Topic: Jane Austen

Number of entities: 404

This r-ball is the curated output of the first Jane-athon.

These data have been edited to remove the duplicates, misunderstandings, ambiguities, and mistakes found in the raw r-ball created during the Jane-athon. Data for 349 entities have been omitted.

The curation applied to this r-ball is "light" and further editing may result from subsequent Jane-athons.

The data gathered for objects associated with Jane (realia) and moving images exposed significant issues requiring further investigation and possible development of RDA, so many of these have been taken out of the curated r-ball.

As noted in the Jane-athon report to the RDA Forum, the data for many of the compilation resources also requires review.

The data removed from the raw r-ball are available in r-balls with a focus on specific types of resource:

This r-ball also contains:


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